World Vision (WV)

Victoria Park’s World Vision chapter values inclusivity & ensures that all members feel welcomed. We are committed to making sure that everyone feels safe and valued by giving you an opportunity to voice your opinion - whether through a private message, or during a club meeting. World Vision aims to look at world problems from a broader perspective - ensuring that no voices are silenced or disregarded. What better place to start doing so than here?
Victoria Park’s World Vision chapter aims to bring change to underserved communities around the world through awareness, activism & advocacy. Club members have the opportunity to help underprivileged people, gain volunteer or CAS Hours, and network with members at VPCI & other campuses across the country.
Staff Supervisor:
Ms. Dahlke
Club Leaders:
Zainab Khan
Humanities, Social Justice, Human Rights
Time Commitment:
Year long: 2-3hr/month minimum
Meeting Times:
1-2 times/month - flexible dates
Join Instructions:
Applications will be opening soon! Members can join through an application form (TBR).