Coding Club (VPCC)

VP Coding Club establishes a welcoming environment where all students at VP are encouraged to join. One of our goals is to share lessons in an interesting and engaging way for members to learn and develop a passion for programming. VP Coding Club strives to provide equal opportunities for VP students to learn about programming and share their programming interests.
VP Coding Club (VPCC) provides a collaborate and engaging environment for students who are interested in learning how to code or improving their coding skills. Each week, the VPCC leaders will host several workshops on a variety of topics, ranging from preparing for the Canadian Computing Competition to learning how to build a website similar to the VPCI Clubs Website.
Staff Supervisor:
Ms. Xie
Club Leaders:
Leon Si, Kaiwen Yang, George Zhang, Avaneesh Kulkarni, Kevin Wang, Yiyi Wu, Jerry Wang
STEM, Competition, School-Related
Time Commitment:
VP Coding Club runs all year long. While attendees are encouraged to attend the live meetings, each workshop comes with a comprehensive document about the lesson material, which will be available after the workshop ends for members who are unable to attend.
Meeting Times:
Workshops occur between 4-5PM or 5-6PM on weekdays using Discord, the main communication platform VPCC will be using. Information regarding specific workshops is in our Discord server's announcements.
Online Platforms:
Visit the VPCC website at for information about our sign-up Google Form and the Discord server.
Join Instructions:
Members can join at any time using the Discord invite link found on the VPCC website.