VP Ambassadors

VP Ambassadors aims to provide volunteering opportunities to students who wish to be more involved within VPCI, regardless of grade or program. We want to help run events around the school as smoothly as possible while maintaining a positive school environment.
VP Ambassadors allows students to be involved around VPCI through aiding school-wide events (Orientation Day, Photo Day, etc.), while earning volunteer/CAS hours.
Staff Supervisor:
Ms. Neag
Club Leaders:
Oviya Sathiyanarayanan
Time Commitment:
The time commitment for VP Ambassadors depends on the events you volunteer for. Additionally, this club will run all year long.
Meeting Times:
Meetings for VP Ambassadors are infrequent; you will be contacted when there is a volunteering opportunity.
Online Platforms:
@vp_ambassadors on Instagram.
Join Instructions:
Members can join at any time, through the google form on VPCI's Brightspace page.
Extra Information:
Note that due to the pandemic, signing up for events will occur on a first come first serve basis.