Universal Finance Organization @ VP

UFO @ VP is dedicated to providing quality financial advice to students in order to help them in their future endeavors. All members will be treated respectfully and with kindness, regardless of skill level or previous experience.
UFO @ VP is dedicated to bringing high quality financial information to high school students that will help them achieve financial success in their future.
Staff Supervisor:
Mrs. Reichling
Club Leaders:
Ethan Jeng, Odelia Wang, Lily Zhou, Rick Yao, Amy Zheng
Time Commitment:
45 Minutes On Friday every 2 weeks
Meeting Times:
Friday at 5 PM via Google Meet (Every 2 weeks)
Online Platforms:
At ufinanceorg.com and at @ufinance_vpci on Instagram
Extra Information:
Feel free to explore the work done by the other branches at ufinanceorg.com