VPCI Ted-Ed Club

The TED-Ed club aims to provide an enjoyable environment where every thought and idea is welcome without hesitation. We are a fun, innovative club that is looking to bring forth big ideas from passionate young minds into the world. If our members want a platform where they can discuss how to change the world freely and without any criticism, this is the perfect gateway to allow all those thoughts to flow in and be accepted.
The VPCI TED-Ed club is committed to making a productive environments where passionate students can explore, focus, and innovate on a topic of their choosing. We are a fun, innovative club that welcomes all thoughts and ideas without judgement.
Staff Supervisor:
Raminder Sandhu
Club Leaders:
Aarush Jain
Humanities, Social Justice, Human Rights
Time Commitment:
The TED-Ed club is split into 13 week sessions that are run throughout the year. The time commitment is usually 2-3 hours a week most for general members.
Meeting Times:
Tuesdays at 4:15 pm using Zoom (may change to google meet)
Online Platforms:
Unfortunately, we don't yet have an Instagram page but we will have one soon. We have an online discord channel though. Link is discord.gg/vfKW4rMu
Join Instructions:
Members can join by scanning QR codes around the school to join the discord or get the link and the general member form on brightspace.