TA (Target Alpha) @ VP

TA @ VP offers a safe, inclusive, and judgement free space for VP students to learn more about the world of finance. We welcome applications from all students and we seek to amplify the voices of our members. We strive to offer opportunities for members to have a chance to speak up and share their ideas, and to promote a greater sense of community and cooperation.
TA @ VP is a part of a network of chapters nationwide that hosts business finance/investment competitions, hackathons, panels, and conferences. As a member, you will have the chance to prepare for and participate in up to four events with a group of 1 - 4 people: stock pitch competition, stock market competition, financial strategy proposal competition, and fintech hackathon.
Staff Supervisor:
Mr. Van der Schilden
Club Leaders:
Andre Zhang & Daniel Zhong
Competition, Finance/Business
Time Commitment:
One virtual meeting a week - choose from Wednesday or Friday, both at 5-6 PM. Club will run all year long.
Meeting Times:
One virtual meeting a week - choose from Wednesday or Friday, both from 5-6 PM via Google Meets.
Online Platforms:
Instagram: @vptargetalpha Info Presentation: linktr.ee/vpta
Join Instructions:
Sign up form and information slideshow at linktr.ee/vpta.
Extra Information:
Compared to other business clubs at VP, TA runs events that are longer term (as opposed to on the spot) and focus more on finance and investments (as opposed to accounting or marketing). Additionally, you have the chance to participate in up to 4 events this year, compared to the one or two with most other clubs.