Quantum Club

The Quantum Club commits to providing a safe and inclusive learning space. Our lessons and activities are aimed to further each participant's learning, regardless of each participant's background, experience and skill-level, and will integrate interactive elements such as group discussions, aimed at providing an environment in which to ask questions, trade ideas, and clarify doubts. As club leaders, we will remain committed to providing a fun and interest-sparking experience as our participants begin (or continue on) their quantum journey.
The club is to operate by offering lectures and activities that cover topics and phenomena in Quantum Mechanics, and provide a fun, interest-sparking learning experience.
Staff Supervisor:
Mr. Van Der Schilden (Paul Van Der Schilden)
Club Leaders:
Ishan Shastri, Aarush Jain
Time Commitment:
Each lesson should run between 45mins to 1 hour, but we will limit any time-commitment required by having previous material (eg. recordings) accessible for further flexibility.
Meeting Times:
Fridays at 5:00pm to 5:45pm using Zoom
Online Platforms:
Club information and schedules will be communicated through a Discord Server, which can be accessed through this link:

Join Instructions:
Members can join through
Extra Information:
Our club will be using a lecture-oriented format to present material, but will encourage participation and involvement. We will also integrate interactive and fun activities into our lessons, to help boost interest and learning.