Mandarin Club

In VP Mandarin Club, we welcome any students that are interested in traditional Chinese culture. This club is also a space for international students to share common experiences to help build community at VP while having fun, releasing pressure and making use of their precious high school time. Together, we will plan meetings, advertise for the club and build membership and community. We will recognize events such as traditional Chinese holidays, music, food, sports, history and many other things.
This club is for students who are interested in Chinese culture and are willing to learn something special after school, we are also hosting in club events and activities every other week. The mandarin club was originally for gathering Chinese international students and help them to blend in the community faster, now with more and more people coming in, I think we can do much more such as holding university, mental health, driver's test venues information session, volunteering and fund raising for environmental protection organizations.
Staff Supervisor:
Ms. Leung
Club Leaders:
Runlang (Benson) Hou
Humanities, Environmental, School-Related
Time Commitment:
No specific commitment requirement.
Meeting Times:
Monday 3pm-4:30
Online Platforms:
There are zoom links for every meeting.
Join Instructions:
There are posters including WeChat code and other information to get in touch with our people.