I’m Board

The “I’m Board” club aims to battle various mental health issues present at this school, such as depression, stress and, of course, boredom. How we plan to do this is we will provide a safe stress-free space in which we play a variety of board and card games, such as Monopoly, Chess, UNO, etc. We will also teach our members new games, ones that aren’t as widely known as the ones listed above, as a way to incorporate education in the fun. Further, we will also play a Kahoot every week, in which the winner gets a prize.
We play board and card games every week, with a game being highlighted each week (e.g: Monopoly, Uno, etc). We will also play an educational Kahoot each week, and the winner gets a prize.
Staff Supervisor:
Jeff Bowring
Club Leaders:
Ali Chaghtai, Alvaro Azofra, Omar Shabaan
Time Commitment:
Show up to at least one meeting a month to be considered a member.
Meeting Times:
Tuesdays after school on zoom at the moment, Tuesdays lunch once in person activities are allowed again.
Online Platforms:
On the club’s Instagram
Join Instructions:
It is a drop-in, but you have to sign in every week to track contact tracing and reduce the spread of the virus.