Victoria Park Debate Club (VPDC)

VPDC is a place where students will forge new friendships and get experience debating with professional debate formats. Debate encourages public speaking and for our members to support arguments they may not personally agree with. We will ensure that rounds will stay formal and that no personal attacks will be made. All voices are respected and everyone is welcome to be a part of the debate community.
Members will practice casual debate with other members, learning debate formats, and prepping for professional competitions.
Staff Supervisor:
Mr. So
Club Leaders:
Adrian Zhang, Michael Zhao
Competition, School-Related
Time Commitment:
Our club will take up 1 hour a week and possibly more if you wish to compete in competitions. Debate Club will run all year long.
Meeting Times:
Thursday 5-6pm on Discord
Online Platforms:
Members can join by joining the discord server using this link:
Join Instructions:
Anytime by joining the discord server by scanning the QR codes on posters around school.
Extra Information:
We are looking for executives who have previous debate experience and are interested in coaching members. All willing applicants cna fill out this form: .